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Jennifer earned her Associate Degree in the Applied Science of Culinary Arts in Wisconsin at the accredited Madison Area Technical College.  A native to Wisconsin she spent her adolescent childhood on a farm fostering her appreciation of the outdoors. This shaped an early and intimate connection to food and nature.  

 Working in the food industry since 1994, Jennifer now enjoys a greater focus on producing with fresh local organic ingredients along with growing her own collection of successful vegan creations.  Working directly for three master bakers, the first female president of Wisconsin Bakers Association, family owned scratch bakeries, and chain style service counters has afforded her a unique and experienced perspective on foods.  

 From wedding cakes to cookies, danish to doughnuts, and bread to bars, if for one or for hundreds - Jennifer has produced them.  Whether on a cake, canvas, or in a kitchen Jennifer's artistic personality brings an exciting essence to any endeavor!

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    Naturally Jen Cake Decorating Pictures, Tips and Examples    
Elephant Face, Pig Face and Lion Face Cupcake Decorating  Hand Created Cheeseburger Cupcake Design Idea Decorated Cup Cakes, Frosted Cup Cakes  Easter Basket Cupcake Idea Holiday Designs   Christmas Reindeer Cupcakes and Polar Bear Holiday Cupcake
 Halloween Cupcake Design Ideas Frankenstiens Monster  Easter Cup Cake Design Idea Yellow Easter Chick  Cute Valentines Day Pink Monkey Cupcake Design  Frosting Elephant Decorated Cup Cake Idea Halloween Mummy Cupcakes 
    Naturally Jen Cake Decorating Pictures, Tips and Examples     
 Frosting Monkey on Birthday Cake  Spring Time Cake Decorating Ideas Baby Shower Cake Decorating Ideas, Tips and Pictures  Frosting Monkeys on Welcome Back To Work Cake   Edible Printed Photographs for Cakes by Naturally Jen
Shaped Horse Cake My Little Poney Cake Decorating Idea   Edible Photographs Printed On Cakes by Naturally Jen Owl Cake Decorated with Cake Sides Decorated  Scooby Doo The Mystery Machine Shaped Birthday Cake   Themed Birthday Cakes with edible Canoe, Edible Fire and Edible Trees
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Vegan Brownie Cookies by Naturally Jen  Cherry Cornmeal Cookies by Naturally Jen  Cookies by Naturally Jen! Frosted, Sandwitch, Vegan and Original  Homemade Oreos Sandwitch Cookies by Naturally Jen  Fun Sandwitch Monster Cookies with Gum Tongue 
Vegan Molassis Cookies by Naturally Jen  Vegan Chocolate Drizzled Peanut Butter Cookies  Homemade Graham Cracker Cookies   Frosting Octopus Birthday Cookie Honey Kissed Almond Cookies 
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 Chocolate Chip Walnut Bars by Naturally Jen  Round Brownie Bar Decorated Like A Cool Sun All types of Dessert Bars by Naturally Jen   Chocolate Brownie decorated with a frosting Pumpkin New Years Eve Frosted Brownie Idea 
Peanutbutter Marbled Brownies  Fall Pumpkin Bars by Naturally Jen  Double Chocolate Brownies Cream Cheese Swirled Brownies Vegan Special K Bars By Naturally Jen
    Vegan Desserts By Naturally Jen     
Truffles by Naturally Jen  Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes by Naturally Jen Original and Vegan Desserts by Naturally Jen  German Chocolate Cupcakes Cookie Dough Center Surprise Chocolate Cupcakes
Lemon Tarts by Naturally Jen Homemade Graham Crackers by Naturally Jen Cherry Topped Cheesecake Apple Orchard Muffins by Naturally Jen Pumpkin Pie
     Naturally Jen Delivers Original and Vegan Options